DIY Pregnancy Photos

Your Beautiful Bump & You

Time and time again I come across lovely ladies who are heavily pregnant and don’t want to go anywhere near a camera. Ladies trust me you will want to have documented this amazing journey you are on even if it’s just a selfie in-front of the mirror! When your little one is two or three they will love looking at photos of themselves as a baby and if you can point to when they were ‘in your tummy’ it’s a lovely way to show them where they came from. It’s also really great if you are preparing them for a new sibling that’s on the way.

Although it can sometimes feel like your pregnancy is lasting forever, actually it is a short time-span that will soon end… don’t miss the opportunity to capture your pregnant shape on camera! I love doing shoots for Mums-to-be but I do understand not everyone has the time or inclination to have professional Pregnancy photos taken in those busy last few weeks before you enjoy your maternity leave. So, if your husband is wielding the camera it’s important to remember a few golden tips to get the best from your photos.

Guidance for Great Photos

My top tip is that you should always turn to the side to show the profile of your bump. That way you will capture those gorgeous curves at their best! It’s also a good idea to place at least one hand on your bump, just to show your connection with your baby. To help you get the very best out of your pregnancy photos I’ve compiled a little ‘how to’ guide with lots of tips and ideas of how to stand. If you would like to join my mailing list to receive your online version please send me a request here.


Don’t forget to involve any siblings-to-be in your photos.. those family shots before your new addition arrives will be treasured in years to come. Have fun with your little one and get your husband or partner to snap away.

Your Baby’s First Year Book

I also loved being able to include a few pregnancy shots in the photo book I compiled of my daughter’s first year. It makes perfect sense for the book to start with your pregnancy photos and again, they love looking through their baby book as they get older. It’s a great pressie for the grandparents too and there are so many online photo stores that make it easy to compile a photo book.



It can seem as though your pregnancy will last forever but in reality it is just a fleeting experience in your life that will only happen a handful of times at the most. Store those moments forever so you can look back at them time and time again. You will be glad that you took the time to capture your growing bump once it is all a distant memory.

If you prefer to have some professional shots taken from the comfort of your own home do get in touch and I’d be happy to talk to you about how it all works.

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