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“What if I can’t afford a newborn session?”

How much will it cost? There are so many things you need to buy when you’re expecting a baby – from car seats to cots and nappies the list seems endless. And the reputation of […]

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Blooming Pregnant – Important tips

Blooming Pregnant Today with the weather being so hot, if you are pregnant I’m sure you feel more like you’re wilting rather than ‘blooming’. In this weather it must be especially hard and I really […]

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Parenting Guilt – Guilty or Not Guilty?

Parenting Guilt I want to talk about Parenting Guilt. In particular, Mummy Guilt. This is what we all battle with on a daily basis and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a stay at home mum […]

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Tips for Travelling with Kids

Travelling with Kids Having previously lived in Hong Kong for 5 years I have done my fair share of long haul flights with babies/toddlers/preschoolers and if you are organised you can take a lot of […]

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