A little bit about me..

I’m a mummy to two headstrong and creative daughters and wife to an ever patient husband.  There is always a creative project on the go at home which usually involves lots of cellotape!

I have to admit being a bit obsessive about ‘capturing the moment’ in our daily life and I think this stems from losing my Dad to cancer when I was 20. He loved to take photos but because of this we only have a few precious pictures of him. I try to make sure I am present in our photos (even when I’m not looking my best!) and love to document our family adventure as the girls grow up.

I’ve always been a creative and since my Fine Art degree my camera has always been at my side. My business started with family portraits, babies and maternity when we lived in Hong Kong and then when I moved back to the UK I re-branded to do what I really love – Newborn Photography! It’s such a special time in a family’s life and I love being able to take such amazing photos for my clients.


I would love to hear from you if you are thinking of having some photos taken!


07780 462516