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“Your baby is so precious and ‘new’ to you and your family it would be my absolute privilege to be your chosen photographer.
Its my mission to deliver truly beautiful images you will always treasure.”


For curled up snuggly poses and sleepy images the ideal time is when your baby is between 7-10 days old. Here are some tips and guidance to maximise your shoot:

When newborns cry…

First of all, please don’t worry about whether they might cry because having two children of my own I am immune to crying by now! We will work together to do everything we can to make your baby comfortable; from warming up the room to having a cuddle from Mummy, putting on some calming music or maybe a feed just to settle them down. There is no rush and once your baby is comfortable we can resume the session.  Equally if they need a feed or a nappy change it’s no problem, we will take a break until you are ready. The needs of your baby always come first and the session length is flexible to take this into account. On the morning of the session you can text me to let me know if you want to push the time back a bit for any reason. I know it’s hard in those first few weeks to get your routine going.


When newborns are wide awake

If they snooze their way through the session we can capture those sleepy curled up shots which are always adorable. Don’t worry if they are wide awake for some or all of the session though as we can use this time to do close-ups of little feet, shots of wide eyed curiosity and hands and silhouette shots of you holding him/her. Each baby is unique and we work to their own pace and to what makes them comfortable.




 Natural light is best…

I never use flash with newborns (and very rarely in my other portraits) so I will find the best points of natural light in your home and work from there. If the light is really low I may use one of my ‘continuous soft lights’ which give the space a soft ambient glow and will not disturb the baby at all.

Warm and cozy…

Your baby is very new to the world and is used to being super toasty warm (it is a balmy 98degrees in the womb). I will bring a small space heater to warm up the area we are shooting in as that will help to make your baby snug as a bug. It will get very warm during the session so I always ask the parents to wear light clothing and drink plenty of water.




Soft and fuzzy…

I will bring an assortment of soft snuggly materials for your baby to lie on; all of which are washed and dried after each shoot. I also bring a selection of wraps, hats, props and backdrops which give you a choice on the day to suit your style.
































What to prepare…

Through the fog of lack of sleep, have a think whether there is anything special you would like to include in the photographs – for example a special teddy or a particularly sentimental blanket. Newborn clothes rarely fit properly at this age so I find it best to used a selection of soft and stretchy wraps and hats to swaddle your baby – all of which I will bring with me. We can also take some photos of them just in a nappy if you want to photograph some of those adorable newborn wrinkles and folds. It’s always a good idea to have plenty of muslins and baby wipes on hand as they are always a necessity. As a Baby Photographer in West Sussex  my mobile studio means I can bring everything to you! Includes Haywards Heath, Lindfield, Bolnore Village, Horsham, Burgess Hill & surrounding areas.

Most Importantly…

Relax and enjoy your baby and let me do the rest!