Baby and Family Photography

sibling shot

‘The Sibling Shot’

As a baby photographer the ‘Sibling Shot’ is an important part of any family’s final gallery. This image from a recent session is a perfect example of creating a close composition to show the bond between two sisters. The dusty pinks are soft and gentle and the older sister’s arms create a circle around her baby sister.

Safety first
Older siblings are always keen to hold their baby brother or sister so we find ways to fulfil that need successfully. For successful baby and family photography it is important to keep safety a number one priority. We use extra blankets rolled up to support her arm while she lies down on a beanbag . The baby enjoys a cuddle from his big sister The setup is simple but safe and effective.


Another way to safely introduce the sibling shot is to sit the older sibling behind the baby. This way the older child interacts with their baby brother or sister but without needing to hold him or her.


To get a great sibling shot it’s all in the prep. Often sweets, stickers or small toys do the job. It has been known for me to wear head boppers too to get attention from a sibling! Let me know how old your child is so the session can be tailored to them.

Plan B

It’s always useful to have a Plan B and with young children even more so! If the sibling really doesnt want to have their photo taken with their baby brother or sister then we would do a prop composite. This basically means merging two photos together. In on photo the sibling would be looking down into a basket which might contain one of their favourite toys. Then in the other shot the baby would be resting in that basket. After the session the two images are merged and voila you have your sibling shot!