Home Photoshoot

Why choose a Home Photoshoot?

When you are deciding on which baby photographer is right for you, deciding whether you would like to take your baby to a photo studio or stay at home is the first thing to consider. You might worry that travelling with your newborn will cause stress and that being in an unknown environment will be unsettling for you – equally you might worry that your house will be too small/dark/messy to have a photoshoot there. Here are some insights from a mobile newborn photographer to help answer some of your questions:

Comforts of Home

For mobile photographers the whole idea is to bring the mini studio to you. Only a small space near a window is needed (usually 2mx2m is enough) and photographers are expert at finding the right spot in your home. By staying at home you know you will have the privacy you need for feeding and that you will have everything you need to hand without travelling with everything but the kitchen sink! As a mobile photographer I, on the other hand do bring lots of things with me – all the better for you to have choice of colours and textures for your photos. You can find out more about the preparation that goes on behind the scenes in this blog post.

Small space, natural light

You might worry that your house is too dark but in most cases this isn’t true. Most lounges have large enough windows to cast a lovely soft natural light which is perfect for newborn photography. Alternatively patio doors are also perfect as they give a large cast of light into the room. A good mobile photographer should always have a backup lighting system they can use if there really isn’t enough light and this will still be compact enough to use in a small living room.

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Cloudy but wonderful

You may have heard wedding photographers celebrating a cloudy day prior to a shoot as clouds naturally diffuse the light and soften the shadows which can otherwise be too harsh. On a sunny day you will find that a mobile newborn photographer will most likely use a sheer white voile fabric to diffuse the bright sunshine.

Props and Backdrops

Both mobile and studio photographers will be able to offer you a selection of beautiful wraps, hats and backdrops to choose from. These should be tailored to your style and taste so that you will love displaying your photos in your home. For many newborn photographers purchasing new fabulous newborn props is an addictive pastime as there are so many talented knitters who specialise in dainty newborn hats and wraps! Here is a video of me oohing and ahhing over some of my latest purchases..

Embrace the Lived in Look

When you have a newborn baby you will want to devote all your time to your new little person. The last thing you want to worry about is clearing a massive space in your home. Don’t worry! In most cases the space we use in your home is in your lounge and usually just means budging up the furniture a little. Because a mobile photographer will most likely bring backdrops and blankets you won’t need to clear things from your home as they won’t be in the shot. So when your newborn arrives you can just relax and enjoy spending time together.

So, if you are considering having a home photoshoot hope this has been helpful in giving you some insights. For more FAQ on newborn sessions you can click here

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