How much will it cost?

There are so many things you need to buy when you’re expecting a baby – from car seats to cots and nappies the list seems endless. And the reputation of professional photographers is that it will be very expensive and you won’t necessarily have control over the costs. My take on this is to be very transparent in my pricing structure. Before booking any session my clients are sent the full price list and package details and on booking they are also sent a contract to read and sign. 

Invested in Best Practice

I’m sure you’ve done your homework and you know the cost of professional photographer’s work varies massively. Like anything though you do you you get what you pay for. Photographers who have invested in training, developing their skills and their equipment are more likely to be committed to producing consistently amazing images. These photographers are also likely to take care in their general business outlook with attention to safety and best working practices. The safety aspect is so important – after all we are talking about the most precious thing you will ever have – your child. Take a look at the short video below to see a little of how a newborn session looks from behind the scenes.


How much will it cost for your baby photos? My session fee of £80 includes any travel time and also fresh seasonal flowers for the newborn nest. It takes into account my time and talent and full use of all my props, wraps, backdrops, blankets and if necessary professional lighting equipment. Each newborn session takes around 2 to 3 hours from start to finish and added to that there is all the preparation time before and after session. You can read more about what is involved behind the scenes here.

Once I have captured some stunning images for you I will then be busy in the Echo hub perfecting and editing your images for your viewing session. Only after your viewing session do you need to decide which of the three packages you would like to buy and this means that you can make sure the package suits your budget and your needs once you’ve seen your photos. My packages are priced at £169, £299 and £499 and all include some digital files, professional prints and products. I also include a FREE birth announcement design so you can share your happy news or send thank you cards.

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Each year I attend photography trade fairs where the vendors are photographic labs. Each lab produces a vast array of products and I choose the best from each one for my clients. Some labs produce better art blocks, some have a better selection of textured papers and some produce amazing albums. I source these for my clients to make sure that they are getting quality for their money. This to ensure that the colours will fade, the canvases will not sag and that these prints will go on to be family heirlooms in the future.west sussex photographer

So the message is – go for safety, quality and consistency and you can be reassured that the experience will not be one you regret.