Social Media and your Photos

The subject of privacy and social media is becoming more and more discussed and now you have more control than ever over your personal page. You can opt to share your photos with your friends and family, specify who you want to see each post and even make your profile private. When it comes to having professional photos taken, many photographers write into their contracts that photos will be shared and used for marketing purposes as by law you cannot use a photo of a person without their permission. It’s important to read the small print in each contract as by signing this release you are giving full access to your photos for marketing and advertising purposes.

Privacy Agreement

My take on this is a little different. I have a separate Model Release form which clients are given to read and it’s up to them whether or not they sign. More and more clients are concerned with their online privacy and some opt for just print media rather than for their images to be used for online marketing. I take my client’s privacy really seriously and for those who don’t sign the release will have the file names of all of their images tagged with ‘NP’ (No Publicity) so that if I come across their file I know straightaway it hasn’t got permission to be used.

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Sharing is Caring

Even if my clients have approved their images to be shared I never use their names on my page – I prefer just Baby C, Baby E  and I don’t tag the parents. This way if they want to share the photos with their friends they can comment or tag themselves but they have that choice.

Model Call

Of course every photographer needs to showcase their work online and this is where the Model Call comes in. By sending out a Model Call people can opt in for a discounted shoot where their images will be used for future marketing and advertising. It’s a win win!