Natural newborn photos are a key focus of my work. From the posing to the props my intention is to create natural looking images of a peaceful and relaxed baby. All of my newborn sessions include the fabulous newborn nest complete with fresh flowers. It is such a joy to see the parent’s expression when they see their bespoke nest. Each one is unique and flowers are bought to order in whatever colour scheme the parents have requested.

There are two nests – the spring/summer one has been handwoven from willow and the autumn winter one is made from birch. Each time the baby’s Mum receives a bunch of flowers which are the same as the ones in the nest. This is a lovely momento for the baby’s Mum and sometimes my client’s choose to press and dry the flowers for safe keeping.

Sussex Baby Photos

Natural newborn photos are simple, baby led and highlight the season that they were born in. With seasonal flowers you can tell straightaway whether they were born in summer or winter. I love to use natural posing for baby photos and swaddling allows the baby to feel secure, warm and content.

These natural style baby photos are great printed on my 12 inch circular wall art which is on beech wood from a sustainable source. It is more hard wearing than canvas as it won’t sag or tear and looks great in any modern home.

As a little side note – I made the spring/summer one myself after attending a weaving workshop. Having studied Fine Art Sculpture for my degree it was fun to make something with my hands again and great that I can use it for my newborn sessions!