Winter Tigers

Winter foliage can be so textured and intricate and I love love love these colours when matched with my winter newborn theme. Dusty blues, snowy greens and deep contrasts of birch twigs frame the delicate skin of the newborns so beautifully.

Winter Foliage for Newborn Nests

I picked up the latest batch for this weekend’s Newborn Photography Nest from my fav florist Emma from Tigers to Lilies (in Cuckfield)  and couldn’t resist ordering a wreath for my door too. Just look how gorgeous it is! My Mum is going to be very impressed when she visits over Christmas as she always wanted to be a florist and loves seeing unusual arrangements.

Winter Wreath from Tigers to Lilies

Nice that I can have one of Emma’s creations on my door to enjoy every day up to Christmas; and brilliant that she has just taken over a shop on the high street so I don’t have to go far to get unique foliage for my newborn nests. As an Artisan Florist, Emma has a great eye for unusual stuff and I love going into her studio to see what new exciting flowers she has in. For those interested in popping in to check it out for yourself her address is Post Office Shop, High Street, Cuckfield, West Sussex.