What is Newborn Posing?

Photographing newborns is a specialist skill – from soothing, settling, swaddling to hand placement and posing and editing – all these elements work together to produce a fabulous finished image. Newborn photographers have a set of ‘go to’ poses which range from head on hands (seen below) to the ‘taco’, ‘froggy’ pose or ‘head on hands’. Some of these traditional poses can be quite complicated and require the baby’s head to be supported by a ‘spotter’ sitting to one side and then this is edited out afterwards.

Newborn Photographer Haywards Heath
Head on arms pose

What type of posing does Echo Baby provide?

My preference for newborn ‘posing’ is a baby led style where the posing is natural and doesn’t involve supporting the baby’s head in an unnatural way. Rather than adopt complicated poses I prefer to create beautiful images by concentrating on smoothing out tiny fingers so that they relax out of the ‘clenched fist’, and use soft lighting to accentuate the baby’s delicate features.

newborn photographer haywards heath

For me the baby’s comfort is paramount at all times. I love the little squeaks and sighs they make when they are deeply asleep and I am always looking for cues from them as to whether they are hungry (or about to fill their nappy!). This level of attention means that baby’s rarely cry during these newborn photoshoots as we are pre-empting their needs.

Posing beans are used to support the baby and also help them to feel ‘held’ and secure. These are placed under blankets so that they can give support without being seen.

newborn photographer haywards heath
Creative shots that produce stunning wall art are so exciting to do

As an artist and newborn photographer I love getting creative – whether it’s something a bit different like the above shot, or planning a new woven nest with fresh flowers. These imaginative ideas help each session to be unique. I made the nest below by weaving willow and then decorating it with fresh seasonal flowers. Each of my clients is able to choose the colour scheme for their flowers and they also receive a small posy with the same flowers. I love doing these flowers for each session as it’s a lovely way to start the day and my clients always appreciate how beautiful the end result is.

Newborn Photographer Haywards Heath

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