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Welcome to Echo Baby Photography – a West Sussex Newborn Photographer based in the lovely village of Cuckfield. My newborn sessions are for babies from 6 days to 4 weeks old.

You may have already had your baby and are enjoying those perfect newborn snuggles or you may still be waiting for the big day to arrive. Either way, if you are looking for stunning photos of your newborn in a relaxed setting you are in the right place.

Don’t worry if you’re baby is older though as I have a special ‘mini’ session suitable for babies up to 12 weeks old.

West Sussex Photographer newborn specialist Sally Nakajima

Hi! I’m Sally and I’ve been a specialist baby photographer in West Sussex for nearly 10 years. I’ve trained in newborn posing safety with some of the world’s leading newborn photographers and always place the highest importance on safety in the studio.

When you are choosing the right photographer for you and your family you’re searching for not only the style you like but also for someone with the specialist skill to keep your baby safe, content and relaxed.

You should find all the information you need about my newborn sessions below but do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Click here if you want to know more about my photography journey.


gentle posing baby boy sleeping by newborn photographer in west sussex

Best  Ne
wborn Photographer In West Sussex

How a baby photoshoot works

My years of experience together with my ‘baby whispering’ skills mean during your shoot you will be able to relax and enjoy the experience. Babies are very settled and comfortable during the session as we make sure all their needs are met and never rush them.

On receipt of a booking deposit we make a note of your due date. Then once your little one has arrived we schedule in a convenient morning for your baby’s photo session.

Newborn portrait sessions last for around 2 hours to allow for feeding, changing and settling.

Once you arrive you can just relax and enjoy gazing at your beautiful baby as I create your photos for you. I have lots of beautiful swaddles, blankets, backdrops and props for use during your session. Click here for FAQs

The newborn photography studio is based in Cuckfield, West Sussex and is close to the surrounding areas of Mid Sussex including Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Lindfield, Crawley, Horsham, Worthing, Hove, & Brighton.

Family portrait during newborn photoshoot in Burgess Hill

Client Testimonial

“We had a newborn photoshoot with Sally and she was amazing at what she does. Our baby was relaxed and happy throughout the whole shoot and the room was warm and cosy. Not only have we now got the most incredible photos to show friends and family, we had a wonderful experience both at the shoot and when viewing our photos 3 weeks later. We will definitely be back in the future 😊”


West Sussex Newborn Photography – Overview


Secure your booking with £90 Session Fee

This fee covers the 2-3 hour photoshoot in my Studio and includes professional editing  (inc retouching).

You will have full use of specialist props, beautiful knitted wraps, and handcrafted hats.

It also includes fresh seasonal flowers for use of the Echo Newborn Nest and a complimentary floral bouquet to take home with your after the shoot.


Enjoy your Baby’s First Photoshoot 🙂


Come to my studio with your baby to enjoy your relaxed photo session (2-3hrs). Settle down to take the time to gaze at your beautiful baby whilst I create stunning images for you.

My newborn photography studio is in Cuckfield and has onsite parking.


3 Weeks Later –

Viewing and ordering session


I will welcome you back to the studio to see a personalised slideshow of your baby’s photos aswell as a gallery of mounted professional prints.

You can choose from 3 print and digital combined packages or from 2 digital only options.


newborn baby girl lying with head on arms wearing headband during west sussex newborn photoshoot

What happens on the day?

Happy and content…

In my experience babies are very settled during a newborn photoshoot – everything is geared towards their comfort and once they have a full tummy and are warm and cosy they do tend to just relax and sleep.

When you first arrive you can see if baby needs a top up feed and after that we may well swaddle him or her to help them settle. There is no rush and once your baby is comfortable we will begin the session.

Equally if they need a feed, more winding or a nappy change it’s no problem, we will take a break until you are ready. The needs of your baby always come first and the session length is flexible to take this into account.

smiling newborn baby during professional baby photoshoot in west sussex

Newborn Swaddles

Newborn clothes rarely fit properly at this age so I find it best to used a selection of soft and stretchy wraps and hats to swaddle your baby – all of which I provide. These swaddles also act as a soothing tool aswell because your baby will be used to feeling all wrapped up secure in your womb.

When newborns are wide awake

Don’t worry if they are wide awake for some or all of the session as shots of wide eyed curiosity produces stunning photos where their personality shines through. Each baby is unique and we work to their own pace and to what makes them comfortable.

wide awake newborn baby taken during professional photoshoot in west sussex

Posing flow

For a first baby we would usually concentrate on them first, followed by family and parent portraits, then moving on to props such as the nest and oatmeal tub. The pace of the session is dictated by your baby so we will see if they need to be swaddled first or are happy just to be lightly wrapped to cover their nappy.

Cozy and snug…

Your baby is very new to the world and is used to being super toasty warm (it is a balmy 98 degrees in the womb). I use a small space heaters to warm up the area we are shooting in as that will help to make your baby snug as a bug.

It will get very warm during the session so I always ask the parents to wear light clothing and drink plenty of water.

newborn photographer west sussex shows wall art of baby photos in frame

 Newborn Photographer West Sussex

The Echo Baby Studio

My studio is based in Cuckfield – it’s a home from home for you and a lovely place for your baby’s first photoshoot.

The studio itself is private and cosy for you to relax on whilst your baby’s photos are taken. Tea, coffee and snacks are provided. I also have a baby change mat and plenty of extra wipes and nappies if your baby needs them.

My professional photography studio is ideally placed for those living in Burgess Hill and the surround areas – Haywards Heath, Horsham, Crawley, Hove, Brighton, Lindfield and Cuckfield

Interested in getting some photos done of your lovely bump?

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West Sussex Baby Photography

Newborn Safety

Your baby’s safety during a newborn photoshoot is my number one priority. It has been my personal choice to use natural posing for newborns which accentuate their natural way of sleeping and resting.

These are just some of the considerations that take place for your baby’s newborn session:


  • Take Covid Lateral Flow test before each session – postpone the session if unwell
  • Keep nails short and clean, wash hands before starting session and use antibac throughout
  • Wear a facemask for close contact work

Making the space baby safe

  • Heating up the room to keep baby warm
  • Washing all blankets and wraps prior to a photo shoot
  • Securing any loose cables from heater/extensions etc
  • Removing any trip hazards
  • Counterweighting backdrops and props so they cannot topple over
  • Ensure working space is sanitised and clean

Safe baby posing:

  • Supporting the baby’s head at all times either with cushions or posing beans
  • Checking colour of hands and feet to make sure circulation is still good
  • Use a spotter where necessary to sit within hands reach of baby
  • Always pay attention to comfort of the baby and look for cues of discomfort

I have completed a first aid course specific to babies and young children. If you are interested in doing a course yourself you can check out Sussex First Aid

    FAQ about Newborn sessions

    You may have lots of questions about how a newborn photoshoot works and I’m more than happy to answer them for you. If you can’t find the answer below do whatsapp me and I’ll message you right back 🙂

    What if my baby cries?

    This is a natural worry for you as new parents but in reality I have found that babies rarely cry during their newborn photo shoot.

    The room is so warm and they have a tummy full of milk so their every need is met. I look out for signs that they need more milk (rooting) or that they have filled their nappy.

    My aim is to anticipate their every need before they have to cry to communicate it. If for some reason your baby really won’t settle (maybe because they are unwell) we will stop and arrange a re-shoot. In nearly 10 years and having photographed many many babies I can tell you honestly this has never happened 🙂

    What if my baby poos/wee’s all over your stuff?

    Although I tend to leave the nappy on for most of the shots there are some which look better without.

    Generally I try to wait until we have had to change their nappy before doing those shots but it does happen. It’s no problem at all though – everything I bring is washed before and after a shoot and little accidents are all gone in no time.

    What is the best age for newborn photos?

    The best age for newborn photographs are between 6 days and 4 weeks old.

    This is because the newborn phase doesn’t last long – when they are first born they are all curled up and also tend to sleep more.

    For breastfed babies it is often worth waiting until they are 12 days old or more so that your milk has been established and you have both had more time to get the hang of breastfeeding.

    If your baby is older than 4 weeks don’t fret though as I have a special mini photoshoot for babies 4 weeks to 12 weeks of age 🙂

    Can siblings/me/my partner/our dog be included in the shots?

    Yes of course! I always include a family shot, images of mum/baby and dad/baby.

    Siblings can be included and I will also provide stickers for them to help them enjoy the session.

    Dogs are also welcome in the studio but it does get warm in there so you might want to arrange for someone to collect them once their shot has been taken.

    What should I wear?

    Well it gets very warm during the baby photo shoot as I use a space heater to make it nice and toasty. Wear something loose and comfortable.

    You can always change before the family shot if you need to – feel free to bring a change of clothes if you would like to.

    For your family shot I would avoid wearing large logos or bright colours. The most popular backdrops for the family portait are grey or cream so neutral tones always work really well or black/white.


    What should my baby wear?

    I’ve found that newborn clothes rarely fit well so instead I will give you a choice of lots of beautiful stretchy, soft yarn swaddles.

    Once you’ve chosen the swaddle for each set up we can also match hats or headbands to them too. I have gorgeous handknitted, chunky knit or delicately crocheted bonnets and handmade headbands for you to choose from.

    It’s best if you dress baby in a babygro without a vest so it’s easier to swaddle them when they arrive. They never like being changed so we put a base swaddle on and then just add colours on top so they don’t feel like they are being changed all the time 🙂

    Jessica Hall
    Jessica Hall
    I can not recommend Sally enough, she was great with our baby. Sally made us feel completely at ease throughout the whole shoot and our photos are beautiful!
    Victoria Brockes
    Victoria Brockes
    Sally was so friendly and professional from start to finish. From the moment we walked in we felt relaxed and she certainly lived up to her name of the baby whisperer! I’d been looking forward to the morning so much and it didn’t disappoint! The images Sally captured for us are ones that we will cherish forever. Would recommend her to anyone and would definitely use her again! Thank you Sally! :)
    Matthew Wall
    Matthew Wall
    Sally is a fantastic newborn photographer. She captured the most amazing pictures of our son, all of which have taken pride and joy around our house. She has an amazing way with newborns, making them so calm and relaxed so she can snap the best memories for you. Couldn't recommend her enough!
    C R
    C R
    Sally captured some amazing pictures of our newborn! Her studio had a relaxing atmosphere and she was very friendly throughout! Highly recommend!
    Ems O
    Ems O
    I had both my babies photos done by Sally in 2022 and 2023. It was so relaxing. Sally made us feel right at home and calm especially with my 1st. With my 2nd as baby number 1 was a year old I was worried she wouldn’t stay but Sally made her so comfortable. They were friends. Played and chatted with her as we got baby undressed. She sat for the photo with her baby brother as we had so ridiculously cute and gorgeous photos at the end. Also with cost of living going up as well as everything, Sally did not increase her price for 2023 which was so incredibly kind and thoughtful of her. If you want a ridiculously cute baby family photo that you will cherish forever and make your ovaries go “oh my goodness”, a relaxing, calm and safe atmosphere (she is so gentle to baby but then again she is an expert) with a kind and understanding photographer book Sally. ❤️
    Emily Becht
    Emily Becht
    When I booked the session I thought that “baby whisperer” was just a funny nickname, but after experiencing the shoot I have to believe it’s a second job title! Watching someone so skilled and experienced putting my baby into adorable positions in a calm and warm environment was one of my favourite newborn activities. The photos she got were beautiful too, and delivered to us in the exact time frame she’d said. I couldn’t recommend her more!
    Taylor Orchard
    Taylor Orchard
    We had a newborn photoshoot with Sally and she was amazing at what she does. Our baby was relaxed and happy throughout the whole shoot and the room was warm and cosy. Not only have we now got the most incredible photos to show friends and family, we had a wonderful experience both at the shoot and when viewing our photos 3 weeks later. We will definitely be back in the future 😊
    Vincent Regan
    Vincent Regan
    Wonderful experience & great photos. Would highly recommend.
    Emma Breden-Smith
    Emma Breden-Smith
    We’ve used Sally three times for our baby photos and they do not disappoint! They are always absolutely beautiful. Sally is great with the babies and can calm them very quickly and creates a very calming atmosphere. Highly recommend!
    Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith
    We’ve used sally for all our children’s newborn photos (3 of them) and they have become the centre piece of our hallway. We couldn’t recommend her enough from the patience and professionalism at the shoot to the touchups and presentation of the final photos everything is perfect. These photos will last a lifetime.

    West Sussex Baby Photoshoot Pricing

    West Sussex photographer showcasing framed newborn print in lounge setting

    It’s important to me that my prices are transparent and have a clear structure that gives flexibility and a range of options.


    • Only the £90 session fee is paid in advance (this fee does not include any prints or digital products)

    • Packages are chosen only after you have seen your finished edited images

    Every Photography Package Includes:

    • 2-3 hour studio photoshoot
    • Fresh flowers for the newborn nest
    • Complimentary floral bouquet
    • Professional retouching
    • Use of Echo newborn props
    • Full Gallery viewing within 3 weeks
    newborn baby on purple blanket wearing headband during newborn photoshoot in horsham

    Client Testimonial

    ” Sally was absolutely amazing. Despite booking very last minute, she fit us in without any problem at all! Sally made the shoot such an enjoyable and stress-free experience and was so lovely. Couldn’t recommend her enough. She was so good with our baby Kacie and the photos are amazing.”


    Drop me a message – I would love to hear from you!

    As a West Sussex based newborn Photographer my clients travel to my studio from all over the south of England for their baby photoshoots.

    It’s helpful if you let me know your due date so I can let you know my availability in my reply. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about newborn sessions, pricing, props, posing or anything else baby related!


    6 + 3 =

    smiling baby boy in pom pom hat during photoshoot for older baby in haywards heath

    Mini Baby Photoshoot – for babies up to 12 weeks of age

    1 hour studio session, no parent or family shots


    This lovely mini baby session is for those on a tight budget or those who have missed the newborn ‘window’ – (which is easily done in the whirlwind of those first few weeks.)

    It’s perfect if you’re looking to capture some images of when they are so little but you don’t want a full newborn session.

    Choosing just one colour palette and using the posing bed we can create a beautiful set of images that still capture your baby’s perfect features.

    haywards heath photoshoot for older babies
    mini baby photoshoot for older baby west sussex