Echo Baby Photography Burgess Hill

It’s totally normal to have questions about your baby’s photo shoot and I hope that I can help with the following answers to common questions:

What if my baby cries?

This is a natural worry for you as new parents but in reality I have found that babies rarely cry during their newborn photo shoot. The room is so warm and they have a tummy full of milk so their every need is met. I look out for signs that they need more milk (rooting) or that they have filled their nappy. My aim is to anticipate their every need before they have to cry to communicate it. If for some reason your baby really won’t settle (maybe because they are unwell) we will stop and arrange a re-shoot. In eight years and having photographed many many babies I can tell you honestly this has never happened 🙂

What if my baby poos/wee’s all over your stuff?

Although I tend to leave the nappy on for most of the shots there are some which look better without. Generally I try to wait until we have had to change their nappy before doing those shots but it does happen. It’s no problem at all though – everything I bring is washed before and after a shoot and little accidents are all gone in no time.

Where is the studio?

The address is 10 Victoria Way, Burgess Hill RH15 9NF

What is the studio like?

The studio is a purpose built space within Mabel’s Emporium in Burgess Hill. It is a cosy, private space and has a sofa for you and your partner to relax on whilst we take photos of your baby. Mabel’s has a lovely cafe incase you need a caffeine fix during the session, (their cakes are delicious too!). There are toilets onsite and I have a baby change mat in the studio so you can keep your baby comfortable and warm if they need a nappy change.

Mabel’s has it’s own carpark directly infront of the building.

Echo Photography Studio Burgess Hill

How will you book the session in if I don’t know exactly when I will have my baby?

Good question! I always book in the due date and then when you have your baby you let me know as soon as possible so we can arrange a date for the shoot.

Can siblings/me/my partner/our dog be included in the shots?

Yes, no problem.

Do I need to prepare anything?

I will send you some information once you have had your baby but basically all you need to do is feed your baby just after you arrive and dress him or her in a nappy and blanket. It does get warm in the studio so please do bring a water bottle so you can keep yourself hydrated.

What if my baby is unwell?

If your baby is unwell on the day of the shoot we will rearrange another time. The same applies to if I am unwell on the day.

What should I wear?

Well it gets very warm during the baby photo shoot as I use a space heater to make it nice and toasty. Wear something loose and comfortable. You can always change before the family shot if you need to – feel free to bring a change of clothes if you would like to.

If you have any other questions about your newborn baby photos or concerns just contact me – I’m happy to answer anything you are unsure of.