Blooming Pregnant

Today with the weather being so hot, if you are pregnant I’m sure you feel more like you’re wilting rather than ‘blooming’. In this weather it must be especially hard and I really feel for you. Some of you are still travelling to work on public transport which must be even worse on hot days like this. Hopefully you’re ticking off the days to your maternity leave and soon the time will come when you can stay at home and prepare for your little one’s arrival.

If you get really desperate to cool off I can highly recommend setting up a paddling pool in your garden. In fact you know what you could probably even test out your birthing pool! When I was pregnant with my first this was a lifesaver. Not glamorous but definitely more comfortable than being in the heat!

Maternity Leave and Your ‘To Do’ List

Once you are on maternity leave you probably have a long list of things you are planning to do. Amongst the tidying, sleeping, shopping, napping, cleaning, sorting, early night(ing), please please remember to get some photos of yourself. And I’m not just saying this because I’m a photographer – I truly believe it’s really really important to have a record of this time in your life. And let’s be clear, when I talk about pregnancy photos I mean anything from side on views taken with your iPhone using a mirror, photos with your partner, photos of you in the baby’s room – anything to document this moment in time.


“I don’t want photos taken – I feel so HUGE!”

The thing most people overlook when they’re pregnant is that this is something you’re only going to do a few times in your lifetime. Your body is doing an unbelievably miraculous thing and although sometimes the changes can feel scary or uncomfortable it’s a truly amazing thing to be growing a baby. This baby will be a perfect mix of you and your partner and will make your family complete. Before you know it your baby will be here and your pregnancy will be a distant memory. You will miss those little tiny flutters in your tummy and the feeling of patting your bump, the times it was just you and your baby cohabiting the same space. You might feel awkward and heavy but the shape of your pregnant body is actually a curvaceous beautiful thing and doesn’t look awkward at all. My clients are always so amazed how incredible they look in their pregnancy photos and it’s something of a revelation to see how beautiful they actually are!

Take a Pregnant Pause to celebrate!

It’s important to CELEBRATE this time in your life and most definitely to photograph the journey that you are on. Whether you hire a professional photographer or get your partner to help you out you really should get some photos of the pregnant ‘you’. In the future your baby as he or she grows will be fascinated to see these photos of you with a baby in your tummy. It can also help to prepare a sibling for the arrival of a new baby by looking back at when you were pregnant with them and showing them their baby photos.


So please add photos of your bump to your ‘to do’ list  – for you and your future family to look back on! If you would like to book your pregnancy photos with me click here – or you want to get your partner or friend to give it a go then email me for my  ‘Guide to DIY Pregnancy Photos’ for some tips to make your photos even more amazing.

Enjoy the sunshine and happy paddling!