Preparing for a shoot is a lengthy process; wraps need to be handwashed and dried, lenses cleaned, batteries charged, props packed up, backdrop ironed, nest made, flowers purchased – all just a few days before the session. Boxes of props, fabrics and baby bonnets are stacked in my car alongside the lighting equipment, space heater, counter weights for the light stands and of course my trusty camera. Bringing my studio to my client’s home isn’t the easy option for me but I am passionate about making the experience as easy as possible for new parents as I know how tiring those early days can be. Parents in Pj’s is the norm when I arrive and I encourage them to have a rest whilst I take the lead for the morning.

wraps drying

For a twins shoot I need to have matching wraps, hats and complimentary neutral fabrics not to mention a bigger nest! Wraps become even more useful as not only do they look adorable when swaddled around each baby, they also restrict how much their arms and legs can move around, meaning they won’t flail around and disturb each other. For this shoot I will also be taking my assistant with me as we will need extra hands on deck to help the session run more smoothly. I can’t wait to see both the babies snuggling together in their special nest!