Newborns grow so fast that once you have enjoyed your echo newborn shoot you will want to continue documenting your baby’s many milestones – perhaps even month by month. For both my girls I intentionally took lots of photos during their first year so I could put together a photobook for their grandparents. It was a lovely momento of that first year and the girls still enjoy looking at their baby photos.

5 Tips to help you get the best out of your baby photos:

  1. Find the best light – With any photography it really is ALL about the light. Natural light, especially on cloudy days is soft and won’t cast any sharp shadows. If you have patio doors or a bed next to a window that will be a great place to start. Make sure your baby is looking in the direction of the window/light source.
  2. Declutter your shot. Keep the focus on your baby by limiting background objects. If you are taking the photo in your bedroom, use a plain white bedsheet (to help lighten the room) and clear away clutter such as books, glasses and clothes.
  3. Get up close and personal. When your baby starts rolling and crawling, lie down with them and take some ground level shots – the angles can look dynamic and capture your baby’s excitement at being mobile. This way you can also get some lovely close ups of their ‘mini you’ features.
  4. Catch their attention (cue silly noises, rattles, squeakers and generally making a fool of yourself!)
  5. Get infront of the camera too – otherwise, like me you will struggle to find a baby/mother shot for your baby’s photo book. If you are camera shy why not go feed the ducks with your little on and get someone to take photos of you whilst you are busy having fun. Candid portraits are always a winner!

Of course safety is always the number one priority so make sure with any photo you take that your baby is properly supported and that you clear anything which could cause a hazard.